Deichmann BagJet Filter SJV

Dust removal with jet-pulse cleaning

Deichmann BagJet Filters are dust-extraction systems that are completely automatically cleaned by compressed-air jet pulses. The capacity for dust extraction is air flow rates of 10,000 to 500,000 m³/h. These filters are designed for application in all industrial areas with serious dust burdens.

Filter hoses with diameters of 120 or 150 mm are installed in chambers with modular configuration. The dust that has been removed from the filters by pulse-jet cleaning is collected in hoppers or funnels, where it is removed. Large service hatches with weight relief at the filter cover simplify the access to the clean-air zone. Installation and removal of the filter hoses and supporting baskets takes place on the clean-air side. Snap rings in the hose support secure and seal the filter hoses. The pulse-jet nozzles, which are mounted above the filter hoses, are easily installed with plug-in connectors with O-ring seals.

In close collaboration with leading manufacturers of filter media, Deichmann Filtertechnik applies the filter material that is optimal for the respective applications. As a result, use is primarily of needle felt made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile, and polyphenylen-sulfide.

At higher gas temperatures, the filter hoses are made of Teflon or aramids. In temperature ranges above 260°C, the use of woven fabric hoses made of stainless steel is effective.

Gaseous pollutants are absorbed from the exhaust gas with the aid of additives, and are separated by Deichmann BagJet filters.


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