Selection of compact filter elements

Compact filter elements by Deichmann Filtertechnik have a design and structural form that allow them to perform their functions in a small space. They are primarily installed to the side of the dust-laden zone. This configuration allows their use in buildings with low story heights. The various forms of the filter elements enable optimal applications for each case.

Deichmann Filtertechnik distinguishes among three standard compact filter elements:

Compact filter element Deichmann SFR 45

The elements with the broadest spectrum of application are in the Deichmann SFR 45 range. They are widely used in their standard size of 1500/18. They consist of filter tubes that are arranged in a matrix on a supporting element.

The hollow cylinders exhibit outstanding filtration properties. Their cylindrical
forms enable good reverse-flow properties and low flow resistance.

Significantly greater filter-area loads can be planned than with, for example, folded surface filters. For smaller filters, or for filters installed atop bunkers, the Deichmann SFR 45 can also be individually installed into the carrier plate.

Compact filter element Deichmann SFR 30

Elements in range Deichmann SFR 30 have significantly smaller diameters and are therefore even more compact. The elements consist of self-supporting spiral tubes made with laminated-on Deitex membranes. The use of special materials for other application areas is likewise possible. The elements are installed and removed from the front side of the filter system, through the clean-air space.

Very low clean-air dust content down to 0.1 mg/Nm³, especially low pressure drops, high filter-surface loads, and very long life cycles are all possible. The small diameters of the Deichmann SFR 30 elements lead to highly favourable distribution of the free surfaces on the untreated- and treated air sides.

Compact filter element Deichmann SFP 150

These filter elements consist of a star-folded cylinder that is permanently cast with a support. This configuration enables a large filter surface in very small space.

These elements are highly effective, for example, in applications with flue gases with low dust components: e.g., for welding smoke.


Compact filter element SFR 45
Compact filter element SFR 30
Compact filter element SFP 150